Finding the best route for development of ideas into proposals

We will consult you in choosing to which fund to apply, and how. This will be decided according to the nature of your project and its maturation stage, its conformity to the call and its budget requirements.            

Partner search and international teaming

We use our vast network of European connections and our professional contacts in other countries to find for you suitable industrial or academic partners for your R&D project.            

Proposal writing and submission

Pangea will undertake to write the grant proposal according to the requirements of the granting fund, in close collaboration and constant feedback with you and the other partners. We will also make sure that all of the forms and requirements for submission are ready before the deadline and will complete the submission process on time.      

Administrative management of international projects

Pangea will manage the administration of your research project. We will prepare with you the documents for reporting and review as required by the granting fund, allowing you to invest your energy and time in the R&D and relisation of your ideas.       

Proposal development from concept to realisation

All aspects of proposal development are considered and carried out. We have special expertise in proposals of the new SME Instrument.             

Construction of budget

We will assist you to follow the various guidelines of the interantional granting bodies when preparing your budget, as to maximize the contribution to your R&D budget.    

Contract negotiations

Between winning and start of work, some funds negotiate with the winner to modify the work according to comments of referees or to adjust the budget. Pangea will Assist you in opreparing and conducting these negotiations.    

Other services

Pangea can support other proposal related activities such as dissemination, exploitation and other entrepreneurial actions.                                                                                                        

Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS)

We will advise and assist on issues related to funds financed through the OCS of the Ministry of Economy.