The European Framework Program - Horizon 2020


The European Commission's Framework Program is a seven-year program in which Israel is a full member. Its annual budget for is approximately €50 billion, allocated for technological research and development in all technological disciplines. Among its tools, the new SME Instrument is especially suitable to hi-tech companies.

Academic Research Funds

Academic Research Funds are dedicated to pure science. They support research in institutes of learning and science, and provide a large share of governenmnt support for scientific endeavors.

Other European Funds

Various funds financed under EU mechanisms but not directly under the Framework Program.        

Some are mission specific, such as those financed under Article 169, while others are specific for academic instituitions, primariy for networking and curriculum building.        




Bi-National Funds

Bi-National Programs have their own resources, and support both partners, unlike binational agreements that are budgeted through the OCS (for the Israeli partner) and the correponding foreign authority.        

Binational programs usually support industrial projects which are close to the market. Each fund has its own rules, schedule of Calls and conditions, but all require royalties.


Eureka is a European network for the promotion of collaborative R&D in most fields of technology. Currently with 38 full members, Israel included, it helps carrying out pan-European projects that aim at developing innovative products, processes and services.

Eureka projects are aimed at products that multinational research is required to bring them to market. At least two partners are required for each project.

The approach is "bottom up", and the partners are those that control the workplan, timescale and costs, and retain the intellectual property rights (IPR).

Eureka projects are especially suitable for Israeli companies looking for a European strategic partner for their new innovative products. It must be emphasized that the European partner has to conduct meaningful research that will facilitate bringing these products to the marketplace.

Israeli companies participating in Eureka are funded by the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), and the European partner applies to the corresponding authorities in its country.