Public Funding of R&D is Pangea!

PANGEA specialises in obtaining and managing public funding for  technological research and development. Whether it be high-tech, traditional industry or academic research, we are committed to achieving our clients' objectives effectively and efficiently
Pangea is keenly aware of the dynamics of R&D across all areas of science and technology and has vigorous sense of the importance international cooperation in the realization of ideas.
We speak your language. Being scientifically trained and keeping abreast of technological and scientific developments, we can easily communicate with you and understand your work and the importance of your ideas. Having in-depth experience in a broad range of scientific and technological areas, we know what it takes to keep our clients ahead in this field of fierce competition.
Our approach to project development and collaboration starts with a thorough understanding of your objectives, resulting in solutions tailored to your needs.
In Pangea we relish open-minded interactions that allow our team to treat each client with extraordinary consideration. As we work side-by-side with you, the synergy created between your expertise and our proficiency becomes your advantage!
Pangea has partnered with the Research Authority of Bar Ilan University to advance the participation of researchers from the University in project of Horizon 2020. This exclusive collaboration provided us access to European academic networks and various European stakeholders.

Ayelet Sapir, BA, MBA


Ayelet Sapir is a founding Partner in Pangea. Her expertise are in Information Communication Technology and related high-tech disciplines, in all the themes of the European Framework Program. She also specializes in the SMEs and in the empowerment of companies.


Ayelet is part of the European Research Unit of Bar-Ilan University.


Ayelet participates in the analysis of the client's needs and requirements, the development of a holistic approach for the realization of ideas and accompaniment of projects from the idea stage to fruition, as well as involvement in the administration of EU funded projects.


Ayelet was in charge of the ICT section in Euro-Consultants (IL) and was the Scientific Director of projects  starting from the Sixth Framework Program.


Ayelet  was trained as a system analysts, and has over a decade of experience in the software industry. It includes development of software, system analysis and software design, programming, testing and integration, applied in variable fields including databases SQL, communication and image processing. She has held senior positions in Israeli and international software companies.




Zvi E. Kahana, MSc, MPhil, PhD


Dr. Zvi Kahana is a founding Partner of Pangea and a member of the European Research Unit of the Research Authority of Bar Ilan University.


Zvi is a graduate of City College in NYC and of Columbia University, trained as a microbiologist and immunochemist. He has participated and directed pure and applied research in several disciplines at the Weizmann Inst. (Plant Genetics and Isotope Research), in industry (Sigma Aldrich), where he directed  biotechnological research and development, and as a private consultant to many  biotechnological, biomedical and clinical projects.


Dr. Kahana is  widely experienced in the various aspects of research, assessment and development of projects,  and direction of multinational  R&D projects. He headed the life sciences division of Euro-Consultants (IL), and has developedmany research proposals in the European Union's FP5, FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020.


His vast experience includes participation and scientific direction of Framework Program projects in medical technology, food and agriculture, medicine, nanotechnology, environmental science and  technological entrepreneurship. Zvi has directed and presented many workshops in several European countries  where he tutored the rules and procedures of the Framework program and of proposal writing.


In recent years has also  been involved, quite successfully, in the development of academic research proposals within  programs of the ERC, Marie Curie, ISF and more.